Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking Down the Kinect

Lots of progress on the mechanical design front lately!  The newest development is that we have a new guardrail to protect our rotors when we fly indoor.  It's a huge piece of pink foam, pretty stiff, and though it's bulky it looks pretty neat!  Pictures to follow soon.

We're currently redesigning to cut weight.  But along with cutting weight comes cutting the weight of other parts, like the Xbox Kinect we'll be mounting on.

Turns out a lot of the Kinect is unnecessary, and we'll try to cut it by at least half from its original 1 lb.  Here's some pictures of our progress!

Our Kinect-PandaBoard setup.

Removing the pan-tilt base

Kinect circuitry

Back view

Entirely disconnecting the two boards

We'll cut off as much metal as possible and see if we can balance the weight of the boards across the quadrotor in different places.  Cool stuff!


  1. Hi, I am an Aerospace Engineering student from Singapore. I am currently involved in a project and my team and I are building an autonomous indoor quadcopter/tricopter. We would like to know how kinect can be used to accomplish this. Please guide me further. My email is Thanks.

  2. Probably a few step by step illustrations on how the kinect is configured to the mk copter and how it is used to program an autnomoud flight path on the copter would be helpful as well.